Three Reasons to Invest in Apartments Near Military Bases

First, real estate investment performs best when located near strong economic engines — such as America’s military installations. In fact, the federal government provides military personnel with $21 billion in annual housing allowances. Incredibly, this translates into one-third of a trillion dollars’ in real estate value. Second, there is a steady source of demand for […]

Renting to the Military: Off Base Housing

We like rental apartments as an investment because they are stable sources of income-driven by the fundamental human need to put a roof over your head. Millions of Americans choose to rent their housing and Accend provides that service with a unique twist for the military tenant. A great business has to provide a valuable […]

Location, Location, Location

In real estate investing, the old adage is “location, location, location”. This is true not only for investments but also military bases. At Accend, we’ve taken a comprehensive look at about 300 military bases in the United States and identified about 50 bases that represent locations so strategic that it is highly likely the military […]

The Military Life Style

It’s hard to explain the military lifestyle to people who haven’t lived it, but everyone can relate to a great movie like Top Gun. The film is a pretty accurate depiction of the way our military trains our troops. Maverick and Goose are living on an aircraft carrier one minute, and the next they have […]