First, real estate investment performs best when located near strong economic engines — such as America’s military installations. In fact, the federal government provides military personnel with $21 billion in annual housing allowances. Incredibly, this translates into one-third of a trillion dollars’ in real estate value.

Second, there is a steady source of demand for off-base housing. There are over 1.3 million active-duty military personnel — 2.2 million counting the guard and reserve forces. Approximately 70% of them choose to live off-base. Also, around 425,000 men and women in the military move each year. We make it easy for these military professionals and their families to find affordable housing and smooth the transition to a new base.

Third, military installations offer a safe harbor during low economic tides. Investing in apartments isn’t bullet-proof but military housing is in continuous demand because our nation always needs a strong national defense. Also, military housing allowances increase by a compounded rate of 4% over a 24-year period. Consequently, military individuals and families can afford reasonable rent increases. That increases the earning capacity of these investments.

The Accend business model about more than real estate investing. We love serving those who sacrifice so much for our nation. Traditional off-base landlords do not accommodate the unique needs of military personnel. We do.

To learn more about the Accend Investment Strategy take a few minutes and to hear the Accend Co-founder Jeff Szorik talk about the three reason more in depth and why we think this is great a niche market.