It’s hard to explain the military lifestyle to people who haven’t lived it, but everyone can relate to a great movie like Top Gun. The film is a pretty accurate depiction of the way our military trains our troops.

Maverick and Goose are living on an aircraft carrier one minute, and the next they have multiple months of training at Miramar Naval Air Station – the actual real-life site of the “Top Gun” Naval Fighter Weapons school where our pilots train to be the best. This constant need for our troops to report to specific bases for training or performance of active duty creates a steady demand for housing that Accend meets for military families as they relocate.

On average, military personnel receives orders called “Permanent Change of Station”, or “PCS”, every 2-3 years. Within those 2-3 year periods, they may also receive temporary duty assignments. For instance, a Navy Capitan may have a two-year permanent station at the Pentagon in Washington, DC but be asked to take a post at Miramar in Southern California for three months within that period to provide tactical combat training for a specific training course. That Captain will receive a fixed stipend to cover his housing in Washington DC for his permanent post as well as a per-diem to cover his housing costs at Miramar for the three months there.


So what does Accend do for these troops? It’s simple – a combination of furnished units, short-term leases and high-quality amenities are what a military family can find at an Accend property. We also provide services that sound simple but actually are tremendously helpful to the career demands of the military. For instance, if a soldier is being relocated from long-distance – which is often the case – we can lease them an apartment from afar by giving a personalized video tour and offering a lease process that can be completed 100% online. We also know that military move regularly, so we don’t force them to sign conventional 12 month leases they don’t need or want. This combination of services is priced by Accend specifically to be affordable within the range of the local prevailing housing allowance for troops at that specific base or cluster of bases.


And that’s the simple value proposition Accend offers to military families – an affordable, high quality living experience that meets their unique lifestyle. As we grow our nationwide portfolio of properties, we aim to become known within the military as the leading housing provider of choice.