ESG Statement

At Accend, we are committed to fostering sustainable and responsible practices in every facet of our operations. We recognize that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors play a crucial role in creating long-term value for our stakeholders, including our investors, residents, employees, and communities. Our ESG strategy is integral to our mission of delivering exceptional returns while positively impacting society and the environment.

Environmental Responsibility: We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint by implementing sustainable practices across our properties. This includes reducing energy consumption, conserving water, and promoting waste reduction and recycling initiatives. Through ongoing assessments and improvements, we aim to mitigate climate change risks and contribute to the preservation of natural resources for future generations.

Social Impact: We prioritize the well-being of our residents and communities by fostering inclusive and diverse environments where everyone feels valued and respected. Our commitment to social responsibility extends to providing safe, healthy, and affordable housing options. We actively engage with local stakeholders to understand their needs and collaborate on initiatives that enhance quality of life, promote economic empowerment, and support community development.

Governance Excellence: Transparency, integrity, and accountability are the cornerstones of our governance practices. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and strive to maintain a diverse and independent board of directors. Our robust governance framework ensures effective oversight, risk management, and compliance with regulatory requirements. We believe that strong governance is essential for building trust and maintaining the long-term sustainability of our business.

Continuous Improvement: We recognize that achieving our ESG goals requires ongoing evaluation, innovation, and collaboration. We are committed to continuously improving our performance through regular monitoring, measurement, and reporting of key ESG metrics. By listening to feedback from stakeholders and leveraging best practices, we aim to drive positive change and create shared value for all.