An Innovation Built on
Real Estate Experience

About Accend

Accend was launched in February of 2016 to acquire, own, and operate a portfolio comprised of the finest military apartment communities in the country. Our vision and values are focused on better serving the needs and requirements of our residents,  employees, and investors.

Why We Do What We Do

Accend launched for two reasons. First, the residents of military communities have special leasing requirements that are unmet by traditional housing providers. Second, multifamily assets in military communities are a great investment choice still relatively unknown to real estate investors looking for strong and stable returns and greater portfolio diversification. Accend is well-positioned to serve residents looking for better housing choices and investors looking for a new perspective on multifamily investing.

Accend’s specialty is providing quality housing choices to tenants who actively serve in the armed forces, military retirees, their respective families, military contractors, and civilians who support the military mission in communities proximate to select strategic and irreplaceable military installations throughout the United States.

Military installations have historically been stable economic engines in the regions they serve. They will continue to be a source of economic vitality for the foreseeable future. Investors looking for dependable returns and attractive growth should look to multifamily investment opportunities in select military markets. Accend has the experience and expertise to identify the markets that are well suited for this type of investment.

Military Consumers Value = Greater Portfolio Value

  • The military moves people every 3-4 year. The frequent transition of residents and the convenience of our leasing products and services go hand in hand.
  • Military tenants desire a broader range of rental products and services then are currently available to them from traditional sources. 
  • Military tenants value quality, flexibility, and convenience at an affordable price. 

How We Think About Investing

  • Our portfolio should provide a strong return at any stage of investment – whether near, intermediate, or long-term. 
  • We acquire fundamentally sound assets in markets where there is the likelihood of sustained tenant demand.
  • Accend designs and provides value-added rental products and services that will satisfy their special requirements of our unique tenant base.
  • Accend is currently a proven trusted source for off-post housing in military communities and plans to be for years to come.